Tiny Houses for Earthquake Survivors in Southeast Turkey

We are reaching out to help those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February 2023.

With a death toll of over 40,000 and many more injured and displaced, the need for sustainable and cost-effective shelter and housing solutions is critical.
Our plywood tiny houses offer a practical and flexible solution that can be produced, assembled and replicated quickly, allowing families to begin rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The units were created by an Israeli named Sagi who has donated his original design, time, knowledge and experience to locals in southeast Turkey so they can learn to build their own small homes.

The pieces for the frame are automatically cut out of plywood boards using a CNC machine, which are assembled and screwed into place. A covering, walls and insulation is added, and can be customized with windows and doors.


These tiny house units are constructed with readily available materials such as plywood and sheet metal, which reduces costs and provides a sustainable model for replication.

In areas of catastrophe where traditional building supplies may be scarce or expensive, these small homes can be made affordably, quickly and efficiently.

The only materials required are a CNC machine for cutting wood, plywood boards, insulation, basic tools such as a drill and screws, and a tarp or metal sheets for covering the unit.
The easy assembly process allows for quick and efficient setup of tiny houses and shelters for families and individuals.

The small units are mobile and can be moved to different locations as needed, providing a versatile solution for difficult situations.

Building kits can be prepared in advance with pre-cut materials and delivered to the construction location.

Locals can be trained quickly to build their own shelters and tiny homes, inspiring a community-led effort that empowers survivors in times of crisis.


These plywood tiny homes offer a practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for community housing needs in southeast Turkey.

With the ability to use local materials, easy assembly and mobility, and on-the-ground training for designing and producing the frames, we are attempting to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families and communities in need.
Earthquake Ruins in Turkey - Aerial View

Join us in helping Turkey's earthquake survivors find shelter and build new homes.

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